Are You Struggling with Depression?

If you think you might be battling depression, then take our free online screening. This online depression screening is strictly for general information purposes and is not a substitute for an in-person clinical evaluation. The screening is free & completely anonymous if you choose. The online depression screening takes about 5 minutes and provides general feedback when completed.

Please discuss any questions you may have with your physician or an addiction treatment professional. If you need help finding the right treatment professional or center, please call (770) 766-3367.

Depression Screening Questions

During the past seven (7) days…falling asleep:

During the past seven (7) days…sleep during the night:

During the past seven (7) days…sleeping too much:

During the past seven (7) days…feeling sad:

During the last seven (7) days…how is your appetite?

In the past two (2) weeks…your weight:

During the past seven (7) days… your concentration & decision-making:

During the past seven (7) days…my view of myself:

During the past seven (7) days…thoughts of death or suicide:

During the past seven (7) days…your energy level:

Thank you for taking Riverwoods Behavioral Health System’s Depression Screening.

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