Atlanta’s Leading Inpatient Treatment Program for Adolescents & Teens

Inpatient programming is our most intensive level of care and is recommended in the treatment for the acutest cases of emotional, behavioral, and chemical dependency disorders. The typical length of stay on our inpatient program is 3-5 days but can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the adolescent. Our inpatient treatment program is located South of Atlanta in Riverdale, Georgia

While in our inpatient program near Atlanta, Georgia, our adolescent and teen patients are housed in a safe, secure, locked environment under the around-the-clock supervision of our multi-disciplinary team of licensed masters-level therapists, mental health professionals, pharmacists, nurses, and doctors. Upon admission to the inpatient program, the adolescent, and their parent or guardian will meet with our team of professionals to gather all needed history of illness and symptoms. With this knowledge, we can organize and structure a treatment plan best suited to the needs of the individual. Every patient will attend individual as well as group therapy sessions. Since adolescents are typically a part of a family system, we utilize family therapy sessions to address family issues and concerns in order to better provide a safe and seamless transition back into the home environment upon discharge. Patients will be seen by a psychiatrist within 24 hours of admission and then daily to begin and manage medications when and if necessary.

Various tools and types of groups will be employed throughout the adolescent’s inpatient treatment. At admission, each patient will get their own workbook that is loaded with educational tools and daily tasks to help explore and gain insight into their current situation. While in treatment, some of the various groups that patients will attend include but are not limited to coping skills, process, educational, creative expression, peer pressure, chemical dependency education, social skills, relationship development, and relapse prevention groups. As patients grow and learn to use the skills they have acquired through their group participation and activities, they earn points in our rewards based behavior modification model. Through the demonstration of healthy decision making, the points that are earned will offer them special rewards and extended privileges.

While the adolescents and teens are in our inpatient treatment program near Atlanta, Georgia they will be given the tools to better handle the different situations in their lives through coping skills, education on disease and/or behaviors, anger and stress management techniques, relaxation techniques, relapse prevention education and the knowledge to identify and change current behaviors. Upon discharge, we will provide a packet of resources for the patient and their family. Patients will also be able to take their workbooks home to continue their process of healing long after their hospitalization. Our social services staff will have a discharge plan in place prior to discharge to give the patient and their family direction on the road to a healthier tomorrow.