Telehealth at Riverwoods Behavioral Health

As part of the heightened preventive measures we have put in place in response to COVID-19, Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, Georgia, is now offering services via telephone and virtual communication platforms to ensure the safety of our patients, their family members, and our staff.

What Is Telehealth?

Learn about the benefits of telehealth

As we navigate new circumstances in the world around us, it remains as important as ever to seek treatment for mental health concerns and substance use disorders. Those who are struggling with these conditions deserve to have easy access to care that can help them discover a promising path toward a better life.

In our current climate, it can be difficult to receive in-person treatment. But at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, we are pleased to offer telehealth solutions that make access to the right level of care easier than ever.

Through virtual communication, Riverwoods can provide real-time healthcare programming for patients and their families to participate in from the safety and comfort of home. All it takes is a computer with an internet connection or a smartphone to participate in video or audio telehealth solutions.

Aside from telehealth therapy, we also offer tele-assessments, through which we help you determine if our programming is the right fit for you, and televisitation, which allows patients who are involved in inpatient programming at our facility near Atlanta, Georgia, to stay connected with their friends and family during their stay.

Our telehealth solutions let you experience the same esteemed programming you would find at our facility without having to leave your home.

Telehealth Assessments

Telehealth assessment process at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

When you decide you are ready to receive treatment for a mental health concern or substance use disorder, Riverwoods Behavioral Health System offers free virtual assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A tele-assessment gives our team of experienced professionals a virtual look at the symptoms and struggles that have been keeping you from living your best life. Instead of having to set up an in-person assessment at our facility near Atlanta, Georgia, you can go through the process of discussing your treatment history, current concerns, and what you hope to accomplish through treatment with one of our outstanding clinicians via phone or video.

In order to determine if Riverwoods is a good fit, all you need to do is:

  • Call us at your convenience to speak with a member of our admissions team.
  • Take a tele-assessment that is administered by a master’s-level clinician.
  • Ask any questions you may have about what you’re experiencing or what to expect during the course of treatment.
  • Wait a few minutes while we review your assessment so that we can quickly make a care recommendation.

You are under no obligation to receive treatment at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System after taking an assessment. We will discuss the type and level of care we believe is right for you, whether that’s at our facility or involves us making a recommendation to a program that’s a better fit for your current needs.

Telehealth Programming

Telehealth programming at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

Mental health and substance use disorder treatment is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. You deserve the type of care that takes into account your unique strengths and goals.

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System offers telehealth solutions through multiple levels of outpatient care. The first is a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is an ideal level of care for someone who does not require acute stabilization but can benefit from a structured therapeutic environment.

The second is our intensive outpatient program (IOP). This format offers less structure than a PHP and is geared toward patients who can still benefit from a therapeutic atmosphere while also having time to return to work or school or participate in other activities that were formerly part of their everyday lives.

In both levels of care, patients may virtually engage in individual, family, and group therapies that will help light the way toward a healthier future.

Telehealth Visitation

Telehealth visitation at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

One of the most vital elements of receiving behavioral health treatment is staying connected with those who matter most in your everyday life. On occasions when in-person visitations aren’t possible, televisitation can ensure that you don’t miss important moments with loved ones.

Through telehealth visitation, Riverwoods Behavioral Health System is able to connect patients who are currently receiving care at our facility near Atlanta, Georgia, with friends and family.

These virtual visits provide productive communication opportunities with loved ones that allow you to read facial expressions and experience the same emotions you would if you were face to face. At the same time, they keep you, your family, your fellow patients, and our staff safe.

Televisitation is also ideal for those whose loved ones are hampered by health concerns, geographical distances, mobility challenges, and other factors.