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Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, located in Riverdale, Georgia near Atlanta, provides a multidisciplinary approach to alcohol treatment. We create individualized treatment plans for adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Learn More About Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Learn more about alcohol addiction treatment at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System
near Atlanta, GA

It’s hard to tell when you’ve crossed the line from enjoying a few cocktails with friends to becoming an alcoholic. Once you’ve crossed that line, you may feel there’s no going back; that you’ll never recover. At Riverwoods, we understand this feeling and we’re ready to help your recovery. You’re not alone.

Taking the first step toward recovery by seeking help from an alcohol treatment facility like Riverwoods, can be hard. Our treatment staff has been well-trained to provide the individualized help you need to kick your addiction once and for all. Your treatment plan will be developed for your unique problems and life experiences. We will focus on helping you learn the skills you need to recover from alcoholism and live a happy, sober life.

Our society places a high level of cultural and social significance around drinking. Many people drink with their friends or loved ones as a way to loosen up and have a good time while others drink as a way to celebrate a business deal or victory. However, there is a line between having fun and developing a drinking problem.

Alcoholism is a chronic condition in which drinking becomes a way of life. This progressive disease causes uncontrollable, compulsive consumption of alcoholic beverages despite the negative consequences to health, relationships, and the ability to work and function in society. People who have problems with alcohol often want to stop drinking but when they do they find themselves experiencing negative symptoms such as tremors, sweating, and vomiting. Drinking alcohol relieves these symptoms.Others find that when they abstain from alcohol use, they crave alcohol in the same way others crave food: as necessary for survival. Many alcoholics find that they need more and more alcohol to achieve the same level of intoxication and will do so no matter what the consequences.

At our facility, we understand alcoholism; we understand that it is not the result of having a weak character or because you “can’t control yourself.” Alcoholism and addiction are complex disorders that need to be treated and managed long-term.

It is your strengths and convictions that will help guide you through your journey of self-discovery. Don’t give up hope.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for alcohol addiction at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

You may have an idea of what an alcohol treatment facility looks like. This idea may be what’s prevented you from seeking treatment before. We understand this. We know how scary change can be. This is why from the moment you call our empathetic intake staff, we will work to assuage your fears and make you feel safe and secure. You will always have a staff member to turn to when you are feeling alone and vulnerable.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that can affect everything in your life. You may have lost your job, gotten a divorce, faced legal problems, or been diagnosed with alcohol-related health problems. You may have found yourself at rock bottom, stuck in a deep hole and afraid you’ll never get out. Maybe you feel like it’s not even worth it to try. At our treatment facility near Atlanta, Georgia, we know that it is worth it and we’re here to guide you.

Alcoholism is caused by a number of factors working together, and while the symptoms of the disorder may be similar, there are many reasons a person becomes an alcoholic. Sometimes, they’re trying to treat the symptoms of another illness like bipolar disorder or depression. Other times, they drink to “forget” past traumas. Some may drink because it’s the only coping skill they’ve been taught for dealing with life’s stresses.

Whatever the cause for your drinking, our hospital’s staff is ready to help you help yourself. Our specialty-trained therapists have spent years helping people like you get sober and stay sober. As alcoholism is such a complex disorder with many causes, we’re ready to help you uncover why you drink, provide you with the resources you need, and the support you’ll want during your stay with us. We’re committed to providing the best treatment and resources available to help you heal and grow.

Obtaining treatment for alcoholism and other addictions at a hospital is one of the most effective ways of managing addiction and we’ve designed our facility with you in mind. We will support you during your time with us as you work through your problems, set goals for treatment, and help you create an excellent post-discharge plan of care.

Our Philosophy

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System philosophy and treatment benefits

At our facility near Atlanta, Georgia, we are committed to providing you with the full spectrum of treatment options to best meet your needs. We will spend a good deal of time getting to know you as a person in order to best understand how we can help you to heal.

We use a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date care available using scientifically-validated treatments. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan that works for you so that you can return to your life and community as a happy, productive, sober, and fulfilled person. We want to do right by you.

Types of Treatment

Types of alcohol addiction treatment offered at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

We use a number of types of treatment to free you from alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol, our first focus will be to guide you through alcohol detoxification. Your detox will include three steps:

1) Evaluation – in this step, we will determine which drugs are in your system as many people use alcohol and additional drugs together. We will also begin to piece together any co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and other mental or behavioral problems you may have.

2) Stabilization – during stabilization, we will guide you through detoxification, often using medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and manage your feelings.

3) Guidance on Treatment – once you have rid your body of drugs and alcohol, it is time to begin long-term treatment. During the last step of detox, we will work with you so that you are ready to join us for your continued recovery.

After you have successfully detoxed from alcohol, you will work with your treatment team to set goals and develop a plan of care for your stay with us based on the 12-step model for addiction. We will closely monitor any medical conditions brought about by your alcoholism and ensure they are properly managed and treated.

Most people find a combination of medication and therapies works best for them. Medication and medical monitoring may be used in the short-term to help manage symptoms of alcohol withdrawal or in the long-term to address any underlying problems. Once more appropriate coping strategies have been learned, you may be able to reduce the amount of medication you take based upon the recommendation of your treatment team.

In addition to medication, there are a number of other treatment types we use at our hospital. These include family sessions, group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, strengths-based counseling, medical management and experiential treatments.

We consider family therapy vital to the healing process so we include your loved ones in our treatment facility. Our family therapy sessions often focus upon life post-discharge and factors that may have led to alcoholism. We also use family therapy sessions to discuss how family members cope with living with an alcoholic as well as their feelings about your disease. Our sessions will be used to teach them about alcoholism and the treatments we use to help you on your road to recovery. In addition to family therapy, we work to connect families with community resources such as Al-Anon in order to allow them to continue to process their feelings.

Individual therapy focuses largely upon the problems alcohol has caused while exploring underlying causes for your alcoholism. It may involve discussing how best to reconcile the problems in your relationships, how best to make amends at work, strategies for coping with stress, and triggers in your life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that’s used identify problems in the way you think and help you learn to recognize and challenge these problems. This can make seeing the world and problem solving far more productive and allow for greater recovery.

Strengths-based counseling is a type of counseling that focuses on the skills and strengths you already have and build off these strengths to allow you to experience success by developing better ways of solving problems. Rather than focusing on a problem, we seek to empower you as the person who’s instrumental to your recovery and has the power to change your life. We believe you are defined by your ability to grow and change.

Your treatment team will likely recommend group therapy for you. Our group therapies are a mixture of the process based and psycho-educational groups. Process-based groups will be focused on a common theme, like alcoholism or any co-occurring problems you struggle with. Psycho-educational groups are designed for learning about a particular topic, like medications you’ll be taking, symptoms of alcoholism, and social relationships. Others will focus on relapse prevention and stress management.

In addition to standard therapies to address alcoholism, we offer a wide variety of experiential treatments. This include:

  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Nutrition and wellness therapy
  • N.A. and A.A.
  • Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy

At our facility near Atlanta, Georgia, we believe you hold the key to changing your future. It’s time to unlock the door and find the new you.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for alcohol addiction

When you and your treatment team have decided that you no longer need the care and structure of a hospital, your treatment team will work to create a post-discharge plan of care. During this post-discharge planning process, we will make sure that you are comfortable transferring to a new step in your treatment. If you’re not ready to leave the hospital setting, we will work to find a residential facility for you. In the event that you still want the structure of a hospital, you may decide to join a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Many people have benefited from this type of step-down care.

If you are discharging to your home or with a loved one, we will work with you to locate community resources in your area to best continue your treatment plan. This may include locating healthcare providers, psychiatrists, and other support in your area.

Addiction is a very real disease. With our help, you can conquer it.

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism, please call our alcohol treatment facility near Atlanta, Georgia for a confidential consultation. We will help you decide on the most appropriate plan of action.