Atlanta’s Leading Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

Medical detox at our center in the Atlanta, Georgia, area can be the ideal first step on the path of recovery for adolescents, adults, and senior adults who have been struggling with addiction.

Who can participate in detox at Riverwoods?

The drug and alcohol addiction detox program at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System is open to adolescents, adults, and senior adults who have been unable to end their use of addictive substances prior to beginning treatment.

Depending on which drug or drugs you have been abusing, trying to complete withdrawal on your own can be a painful or even dangerous experience. In our detox program, you will benefit from medical support and professional supervision throughout the entire process.

What happens during detox?

The goal of our detox program is to help you rid your body of addictive substances with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. The specifics of your detox experience will be unique based upon a variety of personal factors. In general, though, you can expect to receive round-the-clock supervision and support from a team of experienced professionals.

While you are in our detox program, you’ll be in a safe and secure environment. You will have no access to substances of abuse, which protects you from immediate relapse. Depending upon the nature and severity of your withdrawal symptoms, you may receive medical and/or therapeutic support. Once you have completed detox, you can transition directly into the next phase of your treatment plan.

The detox program at Riverwoods typically takes three to five days.

What medications are used during detox?

Depending upon the nature and severity of your addiction, certain prescription medications may be helpful while you are in our detox program. All medication decisions at Riverwoods are made on an individual basis, following a thorough assessment of your needs.

After reviewing your case and discussing the matter with you, our psychiatrist may prescribe one of the following medications: Suboxone, Subutex, Librium, Tranxene, Serax, or clonidine.

Is therapy part of detox?

Yes. At Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, you will have the opportunity to participate in therapy while you are still in our detox program.

All detox participants have the opportunity to take part in group therapy sessions. These gatherings can be sources of both education and support. You can share your thoughts and feelings, learn from the insights of others, and receive valuable feedback from the experienced professionals who lead the groups.

Members of your treatment team can also speak with you one-on-one to help you manage discomfort or to address any other concerns related to your recovery.

What are the long-term benefits of detox?

The few days that you spend in our detox program can have lifelong benefits as you progress through your recovery.

First, completing detox is a tremendous success. This accomplishment, which you once may have thought was beyond your ability, is proof that you are capable of making great strides towards recovery.

In addition to demonstrating your inner strength, our detox program will also introduce you to the power and promise of the recovery community. In detox, the isolation of your addiction will begin to give way to the fellowship of others who are walking a similar path.

What happens after detox?

When you complete our detox program, you can transition directly into the next phase of your treatment, without ever leaving our campus. This will protect you from immediate relapse. It will also provide you with a safe, structured space in which to develop the skills that will promote long-term recovery.

Regardless of which types and levels of care you complete after detox, you will receive a detailed discharge plan as your time with us draws to a close. Depending upon your specific needs and goals, this plan may include referrals to professionals in your area, information about community-based services, and details about other resources that will support your continued recovery.