Veterans Affairs

Riverwoods Behavioral Health offers mental health and substance use disorder treatment for adults and senior adults. We are proud to work with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care Network (CCN) to help veterans receive the behavioral healthcare they need to begin healing.  

What Is the Community Care Network?

The Community Care Network, or CCN, was developed in 2018 by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and covers all United States and U.S. territories. The CCN connects military veterans with a highly vetted healthcare provider near them so that they can receive care without delay.  

The Community Care Network is broken up into six regions that are served by third-party administrators (TPAs). The TPAs have contracts with the VA that allow them to manage their assigned regions. TriWest Healthcare Alliance serves Regions 1, 2, and 3, while Optum Public Sector Solutions Inc. serves Regions 4 and 5. The sixth region remains uncontracted.  

Accepted Insurance

Riverwoods Behavioral Health is located in Region 3, so it is managed by Optum Public Sector Solutions Inc. (Optum). Optum serves the northeastern, southeastern, and central areas of the United States within the CCN. 

Riverwoods Behavioral Health also works with TRICARE, a program for active-duty military members, veterans, and their family members.  

Navigating the CCN

We understand that navigating the Community Care Network can be overwhelming. At Riverwoods Behavioral Health, we are committed to providing each veteran with the support they need when determining which facility and services are right for them. 

Our compassionate team is here to help veterans and their family members understand their behavioral healthcare options. For more information about the CCN and our services, contact our office today.