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Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, located in Riverdale, Georgia near Atlanta, provides a multidisciplinary approach to Alzheimer’s disorder treatment. We create individualized treatment plans for adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Alzheimer's Disorder Treatment

Learn more about Alzheimer’s disease treatment at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

At our treatment facility near Atlanta, Georgia, we know how frightening it can be when it seems that as you age your memory is increasingly poorer than it once was. While some loss in memory is normal as we age, some people recognize that their memory loss is different and more episodic than their friends. They may also be troubled by what appear to be changed in their thinking, their senses, mood and movement that perhaps their friends aren’t experiencing. Many people also become estranged from their social networks and family members due to fears that others will notice their deficits and comment on them. Many also avoid others based on the belief that talking about their problems will make them permanent or serious while attempting to ignore them will make them go away. We understand your needs for support and for learning potentially difficult information about your condition in as gentle of a manner as possible.

Our Supportive Care Unit is dedicated to providing each individual and family that comes to us for help with a comprehensive evaluation, treatment of acute problems and appropriate referrals for the individual and family members post discharge. We know how hard it is for individuals to learn they have Alzheimer’s disease. It can be a very difficult time for the person as well as for family members especially those who will likely become caretakers of the individual when it becomes necessary. We deem family involvement as critical for both the well-being of the individual as well as the family members who have their own issues related to their relative’s illness and struggles.

Yet even while attending this short-term acute facility we strive to help you learn new strategies and exercises to help maintain your memory processes. We also use hands-on activities and recreation to allow you to increase the range of your motor movements and help you gain stability and balance. We understand how important hope is and we do everything we can to help you learn strategies that will increase your quality of life and decrease some of the additional symptoms you are experiencing. We are fully committed to respecting the rights of each individual who comes to us for help. We also understand how crucial it is for residents here to be able to interact frequently with staff both for their comfort and needs as well as to improve their social skills, enabling them to restore relationships in their lives.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for Alzheimer’s disease at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

One of our primary goals at our Alzheimer treatment facility is to always do what is best for the patient as well as their family. Thus, we view each person who comes to us for help as a unique individual who, despite whatever problems they are currently experiencing, has specific strengths which can be utilized to help them maximize the effects of treatment. We view the entire family unit in this manner. This strength-based approach ensures we always listen to the individual in order to help them identify their unique abilities so we can help them learn how to rely on them to increase the longevity of the treatment effects.

At our hospital, we understand that your symptoms are just a part of who you are as opposed to defining who you are. Thus, we are eager to learn as much as possible about your life and experiences as you feel comfortable sharing. We are very curious and will likely ask you a number of questions about yourself. This is so we are able to get to know you better and establish a link making it easier for you to trust us and for us to create the best treatment plan possible.

We also are aware that there are unique patterns of co-occurring problems when individuals get older that are not seen to occur in the same way in younger individuals. This allows us to utilize a developmental approach, recognizing the differences in how seniors experience their difficulties and the specific disorders they develop compared to younger people. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and skills which we consistently update so we have the newest information available to help you cope with your difficulties and maintain or improve your symptoms.

Our unit is designed to be able to help individuals who require oxygen or have minor medical or mobility issues. Our staff includes trained medical personnel who can assist you with any minor medical issue you may already have or develop while you are being treated on our unit.

Our Philosophy

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System philosophy and treatment benefits

We know that for many individuals, changes of location and routine can be upsetting and difficult to cope with. Our treatment facility focuses on ensuring the environment is as soothing and easy to adjust to as possible. One way we do this is through working with you to make sure your preferences are always part of our treatment plan. We will always consult you and/or your family members, who you feel comfortable having included in your treatment decisions when changing any part of your treatment plan as well as when conducting disposition planning for post-discharge.

We also know how important interaction and availability of staff are when you need someone to talk to or are just feeling nervous or frightened and want someone to sit with you for a while. No reason for requesting staff contact is too big or too small to warrant our attention. We are here to meet your needs both through formal activities and informal staff contact. While our therapeutic components are a critical part of helping you return to your previous level of functioning, the opportunity to always interact with and gain the support of our nurturing staff members is important for helping you feel safe and protected.

Types of Treatment

Types of Alzheimer’s disease treatment offered at Riverwoods Behavioral Health System near Atlanta, GA

Our hospital has the capacity to help those who may be displaying agitation, aggression, and other difficulties with behavioral control. We understand that sometimes things seem like they are just too much to deal with and it’s hard to keep your emotions regulated. For caregivers and family members these behaviors can be disturbing and you may feel apprehensive about your ability to help your loved one. We can help you with some strategies to prevent or address some of these behaviors. We will also work with the individual on better ways to maintain control over their emotions and behaviors. Although our facility is primarily for evaluation and crisis stabilization, we ensure you are provided with the ability to engage in numerous activities and therapeutic groups. Some of what we offer to include:

Medication Evaluation – Often those who come to us with behavioral or emotional difficulties just need to have their medication changed or their dose altered. We also help provide you and your family members with techniques to improve your ability to take your medications on the correct schedule.

Music Therapy – This type of activity lets you express yourself using a different modality than speech. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say what you’d like to say. Music helps free the spirit and often triggers what is stuck inside you to be able to be released.

Living Skills – We help you learn better techniques for taking care of yourself and carry out daily chores and responsibilities to the best of your ability.

Memory – Our hospital’s staff maintains their knowledge of the most up to date memory techniques through various types of training. We can help you maintain and sometimes improve your memory for recent events, places, and people.

Expressive Therapy – Similar to music therapy, expressive therapy uses various techniques to let yourself express what’s inside you that words may not be able to convey.

Relationship Skills – We help you learn and practice different ways to re-establish relationships with important people in your life that you may feel estranged from.

Recreational Therapy – As we age, our balance and mobility sometimes are affected. Recreational therapy helps you improve mobility through exercises and helping your balance, prevent tripping or falling and generally let you feel more confident when moving around. Recreational therapy also improves your range of movement in all your joints.

Group Therapy – We discuss many topics that may help you better understand your condition, co-occurring disorders, and treatments you may choose to try. We have different leaders presenting a variety of information and are always interested in hearing what you want to learn about most, so please don’t be shy. If it’s something that you are interested in, chances are good that at least one other person and likely others in your current group or future groups will be interested as well.

Family Sessions – Often those who seek care at our facility near Atlanta, Georgia are part of a larger family unit. Depending on the progression of the illness and the involvement of the family members, we provide consultations and family sessions to help families better understand their loved one’s condition. We explain the treatment they are receiving at our facility, answer your questions, and work with you to determine the best course of action for after discharge. Just as we provide as much staff contact with your loved one, we extend the same benefits to you and any family member who want to become involved. This is not an easy condition to manage and we are aware it often takes extended family and friends to maintain an individual at home for as long as possible. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have or request time speaking with one of our trained staff members.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

At our treatment facility, the goal for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease is not just to stabilize them and release them, letting you or family members determine what they should do after discharge on their own. From the first day you join our facility, you become part of our family and we immediately begin to consider appropriate options and/or placements for you to transition to after you leave us. If you will be returning home to live with loved ones we ensure everyone involved has had all their questions answered and concerns addressed. We also provide information about as many community resources for people with Alzheimer’s.

If it is no longer possible to safely maintain the individual at home we help family members decide on the best placement for their loved one. We understand this is a very difficult time for family, and that relatives experience a range of emotions when making this decision. We will be available and help you every step of the way while providing as much support as you need to work through your decision and discuss ways to make the transition easier for everyone. Our hospital’s social services staff members are dedicated to locating the best facility possible for your loved one and can often arrange tours for family members before their loved one’s discharge. They will also do everything possible to ensure there will be a space at the hospital when your loved one is ready to leave us.

If you or your loved one is worried about increasing memory loss or other symptoms that have been described here, please call our Alzheimer treatment facility near Atlanta, Georgia to discuss how we can help and schedule an appointment for an evaluation if appropriate.